ITELSIS awarded the 3G digital AV equipment project for justice courtrooms in Galicia

The Galician Technological Modernization Agency (AMTEGA) of the Xunta de Galicia has awarded ITELSIS the project for the supply and integration of all the audiovisual equipment for 60 courtrooms of the Galician Administration of Justice through public tender. The system complements the AV and multimedia signals recording with digital technology generated in the rooms and its integration with any videoconference system (allowing any type of remote communication during the celebrations), as well as the automated control of the different scenarios possible operations through a new specific software application developed to measure for the project and called "Itelsis eScenarios". The scope also includes the installation, configuration, start-up and subsequent support of the different systems in the courthouses during the warranty period.

All the audiovisual systems offered by ITELSIS (considering as such all the equipment that will be installed in each room), have been studied and selected to measure by our engineering department for the project and constitute a complete "turnkey" supply that contemplates in all the components necessary to control, capture, broadcast and record the appropriate signals, both audio and video, and therefore includes all the elements necessary to function comprehensively, with continuity and without interruptions.

Given that one of the priority requirements of a project in this type of environment must be to achieve maximum reliability and robustness (without neglecting versatility, functionality and possible general growth of the system), we emphasize that the solution defined by ITELSIS has been based on the following five fundamental keys:

  • RELIABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: By using HD-SDI coaxial cabling architecture (Instead of other possible alternatives such as HDMI, more restricted to domestic environments and with short cabling lengths.
  • ROBUSTNESS OF COMPONENTS: Components and equipment from the Professional and Broadcast ranges have been selected throughout the critical path of the signal (signal management and storage capture devices), developed for the most demanding 24/7 TV production environments.
  • REDUNDANCY AND SECURITY: In order to avoid the repetition or cancellation of visits even in the event of failure or fall of critical elements, the solution includes redundancy and security in all its critical components.
  • POSSIBILITIES OF EXPANSION: As it is an architecture (both from the point of view of hardware and cabling, as well as from the software developments themselves) based on the most widely implemented and recognized standards in the industry for the environment of recording court hearings, any possible future evolution or need for expansion to new technologies or functionalities can be guaranteed.
  • SIMPLICITY OF OPERATION: The ITELSIS proposal is complemented by a customized software application for the automatic management of the different scenarios of use, so that the user can activate the most used functions and at any time simply with a click of the mouse and without take your eyes off the task at hand.

Regarding the technical aspects, the system offered represents a before and after with respect to the existing analog solutions currently in the different locations where the new Itelsis 3G digital solution will be deployed:

  • Reliability and robustness thanks to the signal architecture using HD-SDI (3G-SDI)
  • Maximum quality and working resolution FullHD in 1080p60
  • Maximum image quality through PTZ Broadcast cameras with 30x optical zoom
  • 24/7 Broadcast range equipment with redundancy in critical elements
  • Ease of use with the “Itelsis eScenarios” custom application for automatic control of the different usage scenarios and the most common functions
  • Functional microphone pick-up system even in the event of a cable break
  • Automated witness protection system using digital effects of audio distortion and image blurring from cameras
  • Multiviewer system with up to 16 "layouts" or "presets" for the most suitable visualization of the different images (cameras, videoconference, physical evidence, digital evidence, content from PC or Laptop, etc...)
  • Compatibility with any videoconferencing system for remote declarations (MCU, H323, SIP, WebRTC, etc.)
  • Possibility to add/remove microphones “on the fly” without the need for re-configuration
  • Possibility of multi-channel audio recording for future transcription processes
  • Possibility of unattended and automatic security recording
  • NDI(c) and SRT(c) protocols for transport and management of AV signals through controlled IP networks (Intranet), which guarantees compatibility and integration with any future device.

This new award constitutes for Itelsis Group a new very outstanding reference of our New Media department and expands our national and international experience in the design and equipment of advanced technological solutions for audiovisual and multimedia communication for both institutional organizations and corporate environments.