New solution PMI.NET Itelsis management and corporate collaboration

Itelsis has started marketing our PMI.NET. solution. This new platform allows the integration of all the needs in management, communication and the collaboration of corporate information on one platform. This avoids redundancy and scattering of key business data whilst streamlining its integration and efficiency.

PMI.NET is web-based with a policy for permissions, users and groups. As such, it is possible to configure it to the highest level of detail and include all kinds of interactions, depending on the specific needs of each company, with maximum flexibility. It can be started with a single submission (for example, with a Help Desk system) and then modules and functionality can be added as needed. This is done depending on how they need to be integrated and/or related to each other and the workflow required to achieve maximum efficiency in the day-to-day management of each business.

Successful examples currently managed through this platform include: Project Management, CRM, Ticket Management, Incidents, Tasks and Activities, Spare Parts, Repairs, Inventory, Maintenance, amongst others.